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Sunday - Thursday 20.00 - 25.00 hrs.
Friday 20:00 - 27:00 hrs.
News from the Sumpf

Save the Sumpf! More Details on this web page and our newsletters.



Pizza in the Sumpf

Yes, you can enjoy Pizza at the Sumpf now. For more info please ask our bartender.

Check out our choice of Longdrinks and drinks you never heard of! Click here.

We wish you a very and welcome you to our new webpage.
Good news for the Sumpf:

The Sumpf must not close.

Some people did not hesitate to fight against the shut-down of this bar which has become an institution in Darmstad's bar and club scene.
So they decided to take a few actions in order to keep the Sumpf alive.

New hours: The Sumpf will be opened Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Every 2nd Thursday of the month Jam Session.
Please ask the bartenders for more dates.

We will keep you informed on this web-site and hope you'll stop by soon!

The Sumpf - Team